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How to pick glasses frames for women for different occasions

January 11, 2022

Not all glasses fit every occasion. It might sound strange, but some glasses frames are better suited for casual occasions than a black-tie event. If you’re in search of frames for women for different occasions, our team at Raphael Opticians can help. Let us get you started by highlighting some of the aspects of your glasses frames that will help to fit different occasions.


The shape of your glasses frames goes a long way to accentuate the shape of your head, hairstyle, and outfit. You might find that large, round frames work well for casual dress. Putting your hair up with a regular t-shirt on looks great with large frames that give you the look of an effortless intellectual. However, more formal occasions might call for smaller, sleeker frames that don’t draw as much attention to themselves. Slender, low-profile frames won’t grab the eye of people you’re speaking with. Frameless glasses have also been a staple of professional and formal settings.


There’s nothing wrong with having glasses frames that you can wear with every outfit. For instance, a set of black frames goes with most outfits, but you’ll find that it’s nice to mix in a set of gray, pink, or blue frames to complement some of the colors that you’re wearing each day. Consider your outfit for the day and how the color of your frames will work with it. Giving yourself options with frame colors is a great way to complete any outfit. Whether you’re looking for casual, formal, or something good for the workday, consider your environment when choosing a color.


Plastic, carbon fiber, metal, and wood frames don’t all play the same at parties, events, or work. You might find that your plastic glasses frames feel a little out of place at a special event where everyone is dressed in their best. Think about what the material of your glasses will look like up against a formal gown at a gala or with your suit in a business meeting. Metal frames traditionally go best with business or formal attire, while plastic, carbon fiber, and wood work great for more casual settings. If you work in a tech-savvy environment, you’ll fit right in with carbon fiber frames that present a low-profile frame that looks great.


Choosing the size of glasses frames for different occasions can be difficult. You might find that specific frames don’t look good with the size and shape of your head. For example, those with an oval-shaped head might want large cat-eye frames that work better than something small and circular. However, it’s unusual to find smaller rectangular frames that work great as well. You can work with an optician to find the frame size that works best for your face without feeling like you’re stuck to a single size and shape.

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You can learn more about choosing glasses frames for women for different occasions by speaking with our team at Raffy’s. We’ve been in business for more than 58 years and can help anyone find the perfect glasses frames for any occasion. We’re honest in sharing our opinions with you about what will and won’t work for your style. If you can’t find something we have, we’ll help you find somewhere that does.

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How to pick glasses frames for women for different occasions