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Raphael Opticians in business for 60+ years!

337 Mamaroneck Ave.
White Plains, NY 10605

(Free Parking Lot)

Business Hours: * Closed for 4th of July!!!*
Tuesday - Friday: 9:30AM - 5:30PM
Saturday: 9:30AM - 2:00PM
Sunday - Monday: Closed
Getting things in focus

Welcome To Raphael Opticians!
We believe in continuing to challenge the status quo, in perfecting one skill and continuing to master that skill as time goes on.

Where service comes first, eyewear there after. Our focus is in quality-control and complex prescriptions.

With 58 years of being in the industry we have trained to become Master Opticians. Our industry has absolutely taken advantage of the consumer from every direction. You can get kicked around anywhere but not here at Raffy's.

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Shop our eyeglasses in White Plains, NY!
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