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Raphael Opticians - Your White Plains Eyeglass Store and Much More

November 12, 2019

Your eyes serve as your most important sense. You rely on them for work, for play, or just getting from one place to another. Your sense of sight gives context to all else in your world.

Because they are so important, they deserve the best possible care, which is why you should use our experienced team of eye specialists at Raphael Opticians, your White Plains eyeglass store.

At Raphael Opticians, our efforts to look out for our clients exceed that of many of our competitors. We dedicate ourselves to caring for our clients and providing the best service possible.

The Difference We Provide

At Raphael Opticians, we care about not only giving your vision the best prescription support possible, but also providing safe and top quality eyewear.

We have nearly six decades of combined experience working with clients. Our practice has established a strong reputation for excellent service, including keeping up with both the latest eyeglass styles and advanced technologies and techniques.

Our goal lies in precise and professional service. That includes not only providing the best in quality eyewear, but also getting the details right. Our staff is always friendly, courteous, and will answer any questions you have.

Providing Top Quality Eyewear

Part of the Raphael Opticians difference comes with the care we take in selecting eyewear products for our valued clients.

The days have long passed since glasses were made of glass. Today almost every pair of eyeglasses made in the industrialized world comes from some combination of polymers and other materials.

Some of these polymers can create durable and safe eyeglasses.

Others, however, are banned in many parts of the world. For safety’s sake, we work hard to research each product brand that we offer to our clients.

When you get a pair of eyeglasses from us, you can be sure that we have researched the brand and the materials that went into making the glasses. If the materials are banned in other countries, we will not use that brand or that specific product.

Our team scours the world market to find the most attractive fashions and safe, but durable, materials.

We always put your safety first. Our clients appreciate our attention to detail in this and all other areas.

Giving Service That You Can Trust

Our clients come back to us and also refer their friends and family because of a single word - trust.

At Raphael Opticians, we place a high value on communication. We do not rush through appointments to see as many clients as possible in the course of the day. Instead, our team makes sure that all clients understand the science behind not only their vision problems but also how we treat them.

We believe in complete transparency, proper communication, and educating our clients. You should always understand your condition and how you are being treated for it.

Reach Out Today

We invite you to reach out to our staff if you have vision problems but are not satisfied with your current eye doctors. We will be happy to answer any questions about what makes Raphael Opticians different, including our commitment to selling only the safest quality eyeglasses.

You can call our office at (914) 949- 0575, email us at or contact us here.

We also welcome you to stop by and make an appointment in person. Our office is located at 337 Mamaroneck Avenue in beautiful Westchester.

Stop by and see us today and experience the Raphael Opticians difference.