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Raphael Opticians Weigh-in On Market Trends

January 6, 2020

We see trends come and go in our industry, but those that seem to make the biggest splash make us perk up and take notice. We want to weigh in on a few so you can understand where both you, the customer, and we fit into the equation. 

What’s the Biggest Positive Market Trend We See?

There are a few. Technology, definitely, and that’s not going anywhere. It allows us to offer our customers the very best solution for their prescription eyewear needs. If we don’t have the frames a customer in our White Plains store wants, then there isn’t a corner of the globe we can’t virtually scour to find the exact glasses they’re looking for. 


There’s also a heavy leaning towards sustainable yet tech-savvy eyewear. That’s why we make our lenses with polymers. Technically speaking, these are the most durable lenses available and we never skimp on the quality of our materials—ever. We pride ourselves on making lenses that are reliable and durable.

We also never use materials that are banned in other countries, and we have no tolerance for it. What’s good for the earth is good for all of us. 

Any Negative Market Trends We're Noticing?

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of consumer mistreatment happening right now. Many companies are passing off sub-par materials as high quality and charging the consumer for a high-end product they’re not getting. We have 57 years in this industry, and you don’t reach that milestone by cheating your customers. 

We’re on the other end of this trend in that we go above and beyond for each customer that visits our White Plains optician. We understand they’re trusting their vision to us—that’s a big deal, and we take that responsibility seriously. Unfortunately, many companies and offices out there today are only worried about the dollars and cents of the business and have forgotten about their customers. 

When a consumer chooses their optician, they should be able to trust their best interests are being kept in mind. That’s what we offer. We understand the science behind our industry, so we’re the best of the best in that regard. We also understand what our customers want:

  • Transparency
  • Proper communication
  • Education and information

Complex Prescriptions

In America, 75 percent of adults use a form of vision correction. There are more and more complex prescriptions than ever to correct people’s vision. We not only accommodate these prescriptions—we thrive on them. 

Raffy's wants its customers, no matter their vision issue, to have the same access to style and versatility of frames. We stand on the principles of our service being precise, professional, and personal. We study the details of your vision, so we get it right the first time. 

The Biggest Market Trend? The Consumer

You. You have more choices than ever, and we’re aware of that. We’ve been around 57 years, and that’s because we’ve always made the biggest trend, the biggest focus, our customers—both present and future. We believe standing on the cornerstones of quality, service, innovation, and reputation will continue to provide our customers with the products they need and the service they want. 

Call or Stop by Today

We’d love to show you why our customers keep referring their friends and family to us. If you’re looking for high-quality eyewear, friendly service you can trust, and complete transparency, just call Rafael Opticians at (914)-949-0575 or email us at 

We always welcome a pop-in visit to our store located at 337 Mamaroneck Avenue in White Plains, NY. We hope to see you soon!