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New Year - New You: Raffy's Featured Eyewear for the New Year

December 9, 2020

There’s something in the air around New Year’s–a clean slate, a fresh start, a list of resolutions you haven’t broken yet. Maybe you’re headed into 2021 with a fresh attitude, new ambitions, or just a little weary of the past months and eager to see what the new year holds. Whatever the case, a fresh look can set you up for change. It changes your outlook on life when you love what you see in the mirror.

Crucial to loving your reflection is being able to see. Many modern eyeglass retailers use cheap materials that scratch, scuff, and distort your vision. There have been myriad advancements in eyeglasses in recent years, and retailers can offer more products at more affordable prices. But not all polymer lenses are made equally. To get eyeglasses you can count on, shop with a retailer you can trust.

The Top Looks for 2021

You don’t want to choose frames that are hip for a day or week and go out of style before Easter. But new you doesn’t have quite the same effect if your eyeglasses are the same style you’ve worn for the past decade. We’ve sorted through the hottest eyeglass trends for 2021 and found the classic styles that will last.

Big frames for round faces.

Oversized chunky frames are making a resurgence in 2021, and eyeglass wearers with round faces can sport them perfectly without getting lost behind the lenses. We also love square frames with pops of color that will make you stand out in a crowd but won’t draw attention away from your eyes.

If you’re considering statement frames, we recommend getting two pairs, so you can switch out to a lower profile when the occasion demands it. Nothing says style icon quite like accessorizing with your eyewear.

New looks for narrow faces.

For heart-shaped and oval faces, we’re seeing a lot of thin frames and narrow lenses. These eyeglasses won’t hide your face or obscure your eyes, but let you sport stylish frames that focus on the details and unique materials.

With narrow eyeglasses, you can express yourself in the fine details. Maybe this is the year to try a cat-eye, a bold color, or unique earpieces. If there’s one thing we should carry with us as we leave 2020, it’s that there’s no downside to living authentically and being bold–whatever that means to you.

Class style for square faces

In times of crisis, we lean back on the classics. Maybe for familiarity, nostalgia, or a sense of security. Whatever the reason, aviators are the look for the new year. They’re coming back with a vengeance, and if you’re looking for an aesthetic that says retro and contemporary all at once, we say do it with aviators.

Chunky frames are showing up already in the waning months of 2020, with daring colors and unique patterns. People with square faces can show off bold shapes and styles, and we say 2021 is the year to kick down the door of meekness and let your eyewear do the talking.

If you want a new look for the new year, call Raphael Opticians to order glasses today.

If your current glasses don’t fit right, don’t look right, or you just can’t see right, we can fix it at Raphael Opticians. Most of our customers come to us after trying another eyeglass retailer and not getting a quality pair of eyeglasses. The industry is filled with durable, scratch-resistant, high-tech polymers–but it’s hard to know what’s worth the money.

At Raffy’s, we care about making sure our customers get high-quality glasses that look great and, more importantly, make them feel great. Reach out to Raphael today if you’re ready for a new look for New Year’s.

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