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How to clean glasses with polymer lenses

September 14, 2021

Few things are more frustrating than dirty glasses. It’s difficult to see, you can get dust specs in your eyes, and smudges can make you have to strain to see through them. Depending on how you choose to clean them, it can be tough to get the streaks off the lenses. At Raphael Opticians, we want to provide you with the best methods for cleaning your glasses with polymer lenses so you can see the world through a clear window.

Cleaning with spray

Polymer lenses are known for being durable so you can use multiple methods of cleaning them without causing severe damage. However, it’s important to keep in mind that they can still be damaged in the process.

A cleaning spray is often the best approach to cleaning your glasses as the solution is meant to quickly dissolve without leaving behind streaks while removing persistent oily deposits. If you choose to use a solution, be sure to wipe down your lenses with a microfiber cloth before you ever spray to remove any dirt and dust on the surface of the lenses. If you rub dirt particles over the lenses they can get scratched by the coarse texture.

Spray the lenses thoroughly with your cleaning spray. You’re going to want to make sure that the entire surface of the lenses is entirely covered with the solution so you can more easily remove the dirt and oil that remains.

When you’re ready to remove the spray from the lenses, dap them with a microfiber cloth rather than wipe them. If you don’t have a microfiber cloth, a lint-free towel works fine as well. You don’t want to use a regular towel or paper towel to dab the spray as they can leave behind lint and other deposits that will leave your glasses dirty. Repeat these steps for the other side of your lenses.

If your polymer lenses have an anti-reflective coating on them, verify that the spray is safe to use on them before spraying. This can damage the coating.

Cleaning with soap and water

If you don’t have spray on hand, you can still easily clean your glasses by using dish soap and water. Make sure that your dish soap is also not moisturizing as this can leave behind streaks and deposits when you’re finished.

Once again, you’re going to get started by wiping down your lenses before doing anything else with them. Add a single drop of fragrance-free dish soap to each lens then wet your fingers and rub the soap onto the lens. Completely cover one side of the lens then move to the other. You should be able to use a single drop on each lens to wash both sides effectively.

Once you’ve covered your lenses and paid special attention to the areas around the nose, go ahead and rinse. Run your glasses under warm water to completely remove all the soap. When you’re rinsing, it’s best to hold your glasses by the arms so you don’t add new smudges to the lenses after the soap has been washed away. After completely rinsing your glasses, dab them dry with a microfiber cloth.

Keeping your glasses clean

It’s recommended that you clean your glasses once a week to make sure that oil and dirt don’t build up on them. These can irritate your eyes and cause strain like trying to look through a dirty window. Here are a few ways you can keep them clean between cleanings:

  • Keep your glasses in a case
  • Minimize how much you touch your lenses
  • Keep them away from areas where you spray perfumes, colognes, and hairsprays
  • Try not to wipe them on your clothing

Contact us for more tips

If you’d like more tips about how to keep your polymer lenses clean or simply would like to buy new glasses, get in touch with our team at Raffy’s. If you’d like, you can come to see us and we’ll show you the best ways to clean your glasses. Get in touch with any questions you have about your glasses and we’re more than happy to help.

How to clean glasses with polymer lenses