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How to care for your eyeglasses in White Plains

June 8, 2021

Nearly 75% of Americans wear corrective lenses of some kind. This includes eyeglasses, contact lenses, readers, or anything of the sort. Unfortunately, many people don’t properly care for their glasses and risk damaging, breaking, or losing them. At Raphael Opticians, we want to help. We have six tips to help you care for your eyeglasses in White Plains.

Rinse them before wiping them

Dirty eyeglasses can be much more a problem than they initially appear. While it’s probably difficult to see through specs of dirt and dust or streaks from fingerprints, it’s important to make sure that you’re cleaning them properly. Rinse your glass before wiping them down with a cloth. This is because of the dirt and dust particles that make your lenses appear dirty. These tiny particles can sometimes be enough to scratch your lenses and permanently damage them.

Use the right cloth

After you’ve rinsed your lenses, don’t simply wipe your glasses on your shirt or a nearby towel. For the same reason that you should rinse your glasses, you should use a cloth that’s extra soft. Microfiber cloths are an excellent choice as they’re extra soft and don’t have long fibers that can hold onto particles that could scratch your lenses. Your eyeglasses will often come with a microfiber cloth to ensure that you have a proper cleaning cloth.

Store them when you’re not wearing them

If you take your glasses off, don’t just set them down on a table or your nightstand. You should put them in a case of some kind to protect the lenses from getting dirty or the frames from getting bent or broken. Even if you’re aware of where you keep your glasses when they’re not on your face, others might not be. This can lead to them getting knocked off a table, sat on, or snatched by a small child. The safest place you can keep them is in their case so they’re protected from dust that settles as well as any bumps that might come their way.

Don’t lay them lens down

Sometimes our eyes and head need a break from wearing glasses. If you need to take them off for a couple of minutes while taking a rest, be sure you don’t lay them lens down. Lay them down on the rims or fold them closed and lay them down on the temples. It’s ideal to put them away in a case when you’re not wearing them, but this will protect the lenses from scratches if they’re not put away.

Be careful while wearing them

It’s common when wearing your eyeglasses to feel like you need to adjust them. They’ll slide down your nose periodically or maybe you have readers that you take off and put back on regularly. It’s important to handle your glasses with care so that you don’t bend metal frames or break plastic ones. Improper handling can also put you at risk of bending the pad arms or temples and they might never fit your face right again. The same can be true if you regularly push on the bridge as that can bend metal frames as well.

Come see us at Raphael Opticians

If you need assistance caring for your eyeglasses or would like to replace a damaged pair, come see us at Raffy’s. We’re experts in eyeglasses in White Plains and have been serving customers for more than 58 years. Come by and see us or get more tips by calling 914-949-0575. You can also send us a message via our online contact form.

How to care for your eyeglasses in White Plains