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Hindsight is 20/20: Tips for Choosing Polymer Lenses

May 17, 2020

An expert in polymer lenses and with 57 years of industry experience, we at Raphael Opticians are the trusted source for choosing high-quality, stylish frames suited to your lifestyle.

Discerning eyeglass wearers can spot the difference between a quality lens and one that is "just okay.” At Raffy’s, our customers never have to ask that question. Every pair of glasses fitted here provides phenomenal vision.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Lenses

When shopping for glasses, it's a common misconception that the frames are what will determine whether a wearer is satisfied with their choice of eyewear. The truth is the lenses that fill those frames are the most important component of any pair of glasses.

At Raphael Opticians, we know the lenses our clients choose are influenced by four factors: comfort, vision, safety and appearance. The material used to make the lenses, including the designs and coatings, is a crucial part of addressing all four factors.

Types of Eyeglass Lenses

The lenses' durability, weight and ultraviolet (UV) protection level vary depending on the material used. There are four kinds of lenses available. We will explore each one and provide tips on how to choose the best lenses for your needs.

1. Plastic lenses

Plastic lenses are ideal for eyeglass wearers with basic prescriptions who are looking for an inexpensive option. While plastic lenses work with most prescriptions, it is important to note that they are thick. The thickness of these lenses has several drawbacks: They can feel heavy on your face, they make your eyes look large and they are more prone to damage than other lenses. If you choose plastic lenses, we recommend an anti-scratch coating to help reduce unwanted marks that can obstruct your vision.

2. Polycarbonate lenses

Polycarbonate lenses are the most popular lenses available today and for good reason — they are relatively inexpensive and are the most durable of all the options. Polycarbonate lenses are ideal for eyeglass wearers who are looking to save money and lead an active lifestyle. Athletes often choose this type because they are shatter-resistant. Other perks of these lenses: They're lightweight and offer UV protection.

3. Trivex lenses

Trivex lenses are ideal for individuals who do not like the “feel” of eyeglasses on their faces. These lenses are so light you may forget you are wearing them! They are capable of withstanding most types of impact without shattering or breaking and offer UV protection. Trivex is perfect for rimless frames and prescription sunglasses.

4. High-index lenses

High-index lenses are especially recommended for those with strong or high prescriptions as these are thinner, more lightweight and therefore more comfortable to wear.

Raphael Opticians can make glasses for any prescription. Whether you have a complex prescription involving the treatment of conditions like astigmatism, or need a pair to correct your vision, we have the right lenses — and frames — to meet your needs.

Stop By for the Perfect Fit

Choosing the right pair of polymer lenses should not cause anxiety and frustration. The trusted opticians at Raphael Opticians can help you find the perfect fit for your needs.

Contact us through our online form, or send us an email. We also welcome phone calls at 914-949-0575. Want to drop by in person? Raphael’s offers free parking for customers at its 339 Mamaroneck Ave. location in White Plains, NY. However, note that we are offering temporary business hours due to COVID-19:

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10:30 am. until 3 p.m.
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