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Buying new prescription glasses? Read these top 5 tips first

September 12, 2020

When it comes to buying prescription glasses, there are many factors you should consider to find the perfect pair. Comfort, durability, and anti-blue light technology can take your eyeglasses beyond just being functional.

At Raphael Opticians, our experienced team helps White Plains residents find eyeglasses that they’ll love for years to come. We’ve compiled our top 5 tips for finding your next pair of prescription glasses:

1. Make sure your prescription is current

First thing’s first: is your prescription up to date? While you might think that your current prescription is just fine, it’s best to visit your optometrist for a quick check-up. Your eyes will thank you: in addition to resulting in poor vision, wearing the wrong prescription can cause headaches and dizziness. If you usually wear contacts, don’t forget that you’ll need a completely different prescription for eyeglasses.

2. Choose your frames

From a functional standpoint, the point of eyeglass frames is to position the lenses so that your vision is fully corrected. Keep this in mind when trying on frames. For example, if the frames are heavy or too big, they may slide down your nose, not allowing you to fully benefit from your prescription.

If you wear prescription glasses when driving (or other activities that rely on peripheral vision), then make sure your lenses are positioned to provide you with a fuller range of vision. In general, your pupils should be horizontally centered in the lens, and the nose pads should rest comfortably on the sides of your nose.

If you have a higher prescription, the positioning of your lenses is even more important. Stronger prescriptions typically require thicker lenses, so poorly fitting frames may result in distorted vision.

3. Lens options for high prescriptions

Previously, high-power prescription glasses had a “Coke bottle” appearance due to the thickness of the lenses. New technology allows you to avoid thick, unflattering lenses.

If you have a strong prescription, opt for high-index lenses, which are much thinner than traditional prescription lenses. Aspheric lenses are another great alternative, which are thinner on the sides.

4. Consider blue light protection

Blue light is emitted from phone screens, computer screens, and many other digital devices that we use every day. Unfortunately, too much blue light exposure can damage the retina, increase the risk of macular degeneration, and lead to eye strain.

With phones and laptops being part of our daily lives, it’s difficult to reduce screen time. However, you can protect your eyes by choosing lenses with blue light protection. Lenses that filter out harmful blue light will not only help preserve your eyesight, but they can reduce eye strain as well.

5. Keep durability in mind

While we all try to properly store our eyeglasses when they’re not in use, it’s more common to leave them on your desk or throw them into your bag. As a result, your prescription glasses need to be able to withstand everyday wear-and-tear.

For maximum durability, choose lenses that are made from polymers, which are scratch-resistant and hold up better than traditional lenses. They are also shatterproof, making them a very safe option.

Shop our prescription glasses in White Plains, NY

At Raphael Opticians, we offer a leading selection of prescription glasses in White Plain, NY. We can also make glasses for any prescription using high-quality polymer lenses. Contact us to learn more, or browse our online selection of eyeglasses here.

Buying new prescription glasses? Read these top 5 tips first