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6 Eyewear Trends in 2020 From Your Westchester County Eyewear Store

April 20, 2020

Eyewear trends are always in motion. Almost every year, new styles appear. But don't worry about getting left behind — your Westchester County eyewear store has got you covered. From modern pieces to those that bring back the look of yesteryear, there's something for everyone here.

Our clients love to show off the hottest new looks in eyewear, and that's why we strive to satisfy when it comes to bringing out the latest in fashion. Our team scours the market with utmost dedication to get the highest quality too, and that's why we make sure our glasses are scratch-resistant and durable.

To help you get a better idea of which hot new looks to try, we have put together a guide to eyewear fashion for 2020.

Aviators Flying Back in Style

Military-inspired glasses and sunglasses have moved in and out of fashion since they first appeared just before World War II. This style of glasses has a unique look based on original designs meant to protect the eyes while in flight. 

Famed United States Army General Douglas McArthur helped make the style famous among soldiers and civilians alike. The aviator glasses then returned in the 1980s, in part due to popular actors wearing them like Tom Cruise in Top Gun.

Today’s aviators have a retro design with modern features. Check out our full selection today.

See More Clearly With Clear Frame Glasses

Over the past few years, clear frame glasses have exploded in popularity. These frames feature translucent plastic, and many come in unisex styles. Translucent frames create a unique look that quickly grabs attention. 

They also reflect nearby colors, ensuring that clear frames always “match” the surroundings. Of course, they work well with any colors and styles of clothing as well.

Oversized Shapes Back in Fashion

Unlike microglasses, which had a long reign in the '90s and the early part of this century, oversized eyeglass shapes have returned to style. They come in tortoiseshell, square, and other designs that hearken back to rockstars like Janis Joplin, instantly bringing back the flirty, fun, and warm tones of the 1970s.

Dusted Pink Emerging as a Popular Neutral Hue

Eyeglass fashion features a broad spectrum of color selections, from warm hues to clear. One color that is set to spike in popularity this year is one that has already appeared in millions of homes as an interior design color: millennial dusted pink.

This color creates a warm look, providing contrast against more colorful frames that have also gained in popularity. Outfits in light colors best complement this youthful style.

Maybe You Ought To Try an Early Aughts Look

With retro styles from the '70s and '90s returning, why not also the Paris Hilton-inspired looks from early in this century?

Rimless frames and lightly tinted, translucent lenses can provide you a balance of modern and classic look. Regardless of why you love them, the early aughts style will certainly help you stand apart.

Reach Out Today

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